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Guidelines To Managing Viewings & Valuations During COVID-19

Holmbrook want to reassure you that when visiting properties, all agents will be following government social distancing rules and retain all safety procedures below. The health of our clients, customers, community and our team are both critical, and a priority

Things to Consider Before Viewings & Valuations:

  • All occupants of the property will be questioned about if they are displaying symptoms or have been requested to self-isolate, before organising any appointments.
  • All parties present visiting or viewing / valuations are required to retain a 2-metre distance as per governments social distancing guidelines
  • Applicants shall make their own way to viewings or valuations as it isn’t possible for a Holmbrook team member to assist them.
  • Applicants and Agents shall attend viewings and valuations with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
  • if a service or sale is delayed due to any COVID-19 related issue, Holmbrook will facilitate the opportunity to reschedule a much more safer & convenient date and time. 

During Viewings & Valuations:

  • Viewings, valuations and all other person-to-person services will be managed through appointment only.
  • Occupiers will typically open all internal doors before such appointments
  • The occupier should exit the property during viewings taking place in order to minimalize any risks
  • Upon completion of the viewing or valuation, the Landlord or responsible person/s should wipe down any surfaces, door handles and light switches using antibacterial cleaning agents
  • Anyone involved in the viewing or valuation appointment, will be instructed to follow social distancing guidelines
  • The Agent facilitating the viewing or valuation appointment will be both the first and last one to leave.
  • The number of attendees during a viewing or valuation will be limited to 2 people, so social distancing can be exercised.  Those in the immediate household exclusively should attend. In the case of  the household being an HMO with 3 + Applicants, the group is recommended to be divided and shown around individually (subject to the size of property – Holmbrook will advise during booking).
  • Shoes should be taken off upon entrance of the property and, after doing having done so, hands should be washed appropriately or hand sanitizer shall be used
  • Applicants should avoid making contact with any surfaces, furniture, switches or handles etc. during the viewing of the property
  • All keys used, will be cleaned appropriately with proper products

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